Pamela Card

'Artemis' Rosary' Necklace

Designed as a fragment of the once standing Temple of Artemis - a Greek Temple in the City of Ephesus dedicated to the Greek goddess Artemis. As one of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World, the temple was renown for its tremendous size and the grandiose works of art that adorned it. This gold dipped heirloom necklace is designed to represent the solitary column that stands at the site - serving as a reminder of where the greatest temple in the ancient world once stood.

Handmade in Vancouver from 24K gold vermeil (which is 3 microns thick of 24K gold plated sterling silver).

  • Column measures 2.1cm in width.
  • Column measures 0.9cm in length.
  • Chain measures 18” in length.