Pamela Card

'Nostalgic Echo' Earrings

  • An ode to the illustrious history of pearls throughout the ages, The Nostalgic Echo earrings have been cast using the ancient process of lost wax casting. Irregular lustrous pearls compliment the irregular molten surface of the gold dipped hoops. While worn as a symbol of utmost status in ancient Rome, pearl jewelry was similarly cherished by the Greeks and prominently worn during weddings. As a whole, pearls are coveted as protective talismans. Those who believe in healing properties of gemstones, in history and in the present day, often wear and covet pearls for protection.

  • Handmade in Vancouver from 24K Gold Vermeil (which is 3 microns thick of 24K gold plated sterling silver).

  • Butterfly and stud closures for pierced ears.

  • Strung with irregular freshwater pearls (all pearls are organic and thus vary in exact size and shape).  

  • Hoops measure 1.2cm in length. Hoop measures 0.95cm at widest point. Pearls measure approx. 1.3cm in length (all pearls are organic and thus vary in exact size and shape).