We're giving our little boutique a facelift by introducing some of the most in-demand and luxurious beauty products.
Enjoy our sneak-peek of what's currently in store before our 'Bree Beauty' launch in October!

As seen in VOGUE + Allure Magazine, Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum is THE holy grail when it comes to luxurious multi-correctional oil. Once applied, the serum deeply penetrates the skin in order to increase firmness and elasticity while also creating a beautiful, healthy glow. Did we mention it smells divine, too? #LifeChanger
Bottega Organica's "Ageless Face Mist" rejuvenates your skin like no other. The multi-power recipe includes golden sage, prawn sage, and French lilac. Whether you are on-the-go in your own city (or up-up and away travelling), we recommended this mist for anyone that needs a 'refresh' in a pinch.
Josh Rosebrook
Josh Rosebrook's highly concentrated 'Active Infusion Serum' is a powerful one. The skin benefits to this classic necessity is invaluable as it works to hydrate your skin, balance oil production and support real skin transformation.
Skin experts recommend you to use this after a spray of the Hydrating Accelerator, 
a muti-purpose product that acts as a hydrator, toner and light moisturizer in one! Aren't you glad we carry both!?
While we may be saying hello to Fall 2016, you don't have to say "so-long" to that summer glow! Not only does Maui Babe's 'After Browning Lotion' smell like a beach in a bottle, but this year-round moisturizing product will seal in your tan and combat parched or sun-damaged skin. 
Last but not least, one's gotta protect that pout! We are loving Bottega Organica's 'Nourishing Lip Balm', a balm that will nourish any dryness and prolong pre-applied lipstick. 
- Rebecca XO 
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